• How the underdog can win this election

    So there’s to be a snap general election. Many are running scared predicting that the 48% who voted remain do not have a snowball in hell’s chance of winning on 8th of June. The 48% are too divided to find common cause. Many are assuming that the only party defending the 48%, the Liberal Democrats,… Continue Reading

  • We Came. We Marched. We Protested.

    Today Theresa May will send a letter triggering Article 50. She asks the whole nation to unite around Brexit. This is impossible because a referendum won on a simple majority is not decisive. It is divisive. In many respects half the nation is now more pro-European than many living in Belgium. Ode to Joy was the… Continue Reading

  • The Tabloid’s Handmaiden

    Without wishng to sound too conspiratorial or over paranoid we have reached a stage in the United Kingdom where it has to be asked who exactly is running our country?  Our Prime Minister and her government or the newspapers and their possies of editors and/or proprietors? When Barnier begins his negotiations with the UK to exit the… Continue Reading

  • Shared values – memories of belonging

    On 25 March, along with thousands if not millions of other British citizens, I am going to be walking through the streets of London expressing my support for the European Union. I am a proud British citizen who firmly believes that it is in my nation’s best interest to stay within an open, harmonious and transparent… Continue Reading

  • So, you think the euro’s a failure?

    As the Eurozone countries find themselves once again in the position of having to play the bank of Mum and Dad to Tsipras the usual “euro-is-dead” critics are out in force. Needless to say, most of these critics neither live nor work in a Eurozone country, which does rather beg the question why they are all so… Continue Reading

  • Focusing on the Positive. Believing in Tomorrow

    Anger. Shock. Despair. Fear. First Brexit. Now Trump. Tempting to believe “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” Don’t. Despair encourages populism. Defeatism strengthens fear. Anger feeds the monster. We are better than that. We must be more confident in our message assured that there are literally millions and millions of us… Continue Reading