• The deluded Mr Cameron

    Although not one to indulge in national stereotyping, Angela Merkel it has to be said, gives a very fine impression of embodying German sobriety and lack of humour. Her alleged remark, therefore, that David Cameron and his party resemble the muttering old codgers from The Muppet show indicates a certain sense of humour that many… Continue Reading

  • Fracking: Water

    Hydraulic fracking, as the name implies, is water-intensive. Any discussion on fracking, therefore, must consider what effect it is going to have on this valuable resource. Before continuing however, it is worth turning the clock back to 1868 – the height of Britain’s drive towards industrialisation – and the Victorian tort case of,  Rylands v… Continue Reading

  • Fracking: Earth

    Digging into the earth in search of her treasures is as old as time itself.  Deep in our psyche lies the notion that the earth’s minerals lie in neat seams underneath the soil to be scooped out for further use as and when needed. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.  Gold mining… Continue Reading

  • Fracking: An Introduction

    The pace at which on-line technology is developing is as nothing when compared to the changes the energy sector is currently under-going. The practice of hydraulic fracking, which appeared on the horizon around seven or eight years ago is, like a force 12 side-wind, sweeping commonly held assumption about the energy market off its perch.… Continue Reading