• Introducing Brussels’ Court Jester: Mr Fargy-Wargy

    Que: What do Hyacinth and Nigel have in common? Ans: Surnames that can be pronounced according to personal preference. Hyacinth, snob extraordinaire and little England social climber, insists her surname is not Bucket (as in there’s a hole in my …) but Bouquet – as in pretty floral arrangement sitting atop grand pianos in National Trust… Continue Reading

  • Leymah Gbowee Scholarship Fund for African Women

    Leymah Gbowee (pronounced “Bowie”) has presence. An African matriarch, dressed in beautiful African attire, she walks with a feisty stride and speaks with confidence. This lady is clever and no one’s fool. She cuts through the trash to get to the truth of the matter – how else could someone have survived staring Charles Taylor… Continue Reading

  • So you think the EU’s not sexy?

    An EU Perspectives Valentine Special Borgen, the well know Danish political television-drama, featured a whole episode in which Birgitte Nyborg the Danish Prime Minister has to choose Denmark’s next European Commissioner. Whilst the politicians fret and bicker over who the best candidate is, Katrine Fønsmark a young, ambitious journalist working for The Express, suggests to… Continue Reading

  • Fracking: Fire

    EU Perspectives has already considered three of the four Greek elements: earth, water and air. Should commercial fracking become common-place in the EU it will have the greatest environmental impact on these three elements.   The fourth in this series “Fire” is going to look at the other side of the coin – the geopolitical implications… Continue Reading

  • Fracking: Air

    The European Union has consistently pushed for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This policy is driven mostly through regulation but also through research into areas such as carbon storage and renewables. Where then does hydraulic fracking fit into this? Will the commercialisation of hydraulic fracking within the EU reduce green house gas emissions, increase… Continue Reading