• Sharing is Caring v A private life

    “…the fastest way to share little moments with our friends – to let them know where we are or how we feel right now.”  Snapchat The irony may be lost on many but it is nevertheless quite staggering to think that the girlfriend of the man who became a fugitive from US justice for revealing… Continue Reading

  • The EU v Palo Alto: An EU perspective on privacy

    One year on from the Snowden revelations and the global privacy debate is by no means settled. FB announced it will be exercising its rights to sell users’ data to third party advertisers, Russia signed an act banning the export of all its personal data abroad and Google is portraying the ECJ ruling on the… Continue Reading

  • Anti-Union, Pro-Union – Total Confusion

    With the Scottish vote for independence just a few short months away EU Perspectives examines the role-reversal effect this is having on some Conservative and UKIP politicians. A phenomena resembling a pantomime farce but which to all intents and purposes is masquerading as serious politics. Kathleen Garnett “I’m a Unionist head, heart and soul. I… Continue Reading