Has BoJo helped Cameron find his mojo? EU Perspective investigates.

Kathleen Garnett

What a good thing BoJo decided to head the leave campaign this week-end because in doing so Cameron has finally found his mojo. Only last week euperspectives was beginning to wonder whether Cameron was about to flunk his exam in European Law and Politics. Well, he didn’t exactly pass with flying colours (more like a C-). Still he passed – just – and now he can progress to the next level: How to win a referendum on EU membership.

Cameron batting for Brussels? Strange concept. Yet, he’s doing a better job than anyone could have hoped. He’s been so busy lionising himself as an English freedom fighter that wearing the blue flag of the EU must feel like an odd new fashion move for an old Etonian but one that he’ll grow into with increasing confidence. In any case the beauty of the EU is the ability to wear both flags with pride.

Euperspectives can only speculate that during his vocational crash-course in EU politics over the past few months Cameron learned game theory on the job rather than through arcane articles written by a Harvard academic hidden at the back of the Bodleian Library.

Hob-nobbing with the likes of Merkel and Tusk may have taught him that pooling sovereignty in a bad, unpredictable world is for the best after all. All for one and one for all and all that. He may have come to appreciate that his European counter-parts are not vile despots like those emerging in the East but that they are actually a like-minded bunch who value British values particularly democracy, pluralism, the rule of law and economic progress. Perhaps it also began to dawn on him, finally, that if Britain were to leave there would be no dignified exit and the EU could club together to clobber the UK.

That all said what probably really fired the old boy up was the betrayal of his old chums Gove and Johnson. There’s nothing like the raw, naked ambition of a couple of so-called “BFF” to fire up one’s anger, indignation and hot-blooded passion. And, so what we are now witnessing is a new David Cameron. One who is probably going to make an excellent case for Britain’s continued membership of the EU. Good for him. Perhaps we can finally see some of his passion rather than his nonchalance.

You go Dave. Go. The British electorate may not know anything about the EU but they recognise where their economic and security interests lie and as they become more informed in the lead up to June they will soon come to appreciate, like the Scots did a year ago, that their economic and security interests lie in a secure, strong Union, united in its determination to promote and to defend democracy, pluralism and the rule of law in an increasingly volatile, combustible world order.

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