Three Cheers for the Three Brexiteers!


Kathleen Garnett

Pity the British electorate. For months they had to hear politicians frothing at the mouth about unions – the union between kingdoms that is. Now they’re getting a repeat. No wonder there is so much ennui amongst the British electorate on the whole subject. Which is why we should all be grateful for the merry band of three Brexiteers: BoJo, GoGo and I.D.S. who are adding a dash of comic-horror to an otherwise dull affair. Three cheers for the three Brexiteers for turning the EU referendum into so much more than just financial regulations, the standardisation of car spare parts and trade tariffs.

According to the story line a shadowy, underground movement with the code name: “Project Fear” is being unleashed on an unwitting population – but fear not the three Brexiteers are there to save us from the fear of Project Fear. The British have nothing to Fear from a Brexit but Project Fear itself. It’s all a little bit scary but we can sleep well at night in the knowledge that BoJo, GoGo and I.D.S will be there to save and defend us from any fall-out should Britain vote to leave.

The suggestion that Scotland might quit the United Kingdom, that the economy could face ten years of economic instability, that jobs could be lost, that our despotic neighbours favouring illiberal democracies would crack open their expensive Champagne bottles and celebrate Brexit on a super-yacht off Capri – is nothing but the worst form of scare-mongering. There is no truth in it what so ever!

In any case if there was even a modicum of truth in these assertion the British electorate need not worry – our three swash-buckling, daring and brave Brexiteers with swords held high would be there to protect us. Their plan to stop the ship from sinking would be stuff the hole with lace ruffles and perfumed bed-linen thus keeping the British Isles afloat from ten years of economic instability, the loss of Scotland or the loss of our international standing.

The really scary thing about this bunch of Brexiteers is that come June 24th they might just be the ones trying to drive a hard bargain with hard-nosed Brussels for a good deal. Could you sleep well at night knowing they are in charge of our future relations with Europe? Is that the moment when farce turns into a real horror movieswith spectators watching the predicted car-crash unfold before their very eyes.

Do you place your trust in the Conservative Party’s finest three Brexiteers – or are you just a tad anxious this could be your tomorrow?

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