Brexit: Game, set and match to a libertarian pet project

According to the Brexiteers the EU is nothing but a lousy thief. The EU robs the British of their bull-dog spirit. The EU could never possibly understand an English man’s joy of a Mowbray pork pie, warm ales or a decent ploughman’s lunch. The EU is an affront to cricket, Morris dancing and lawn tennis. BoJo is probably wondering how he can announce at his next news conference that the EU is poised to ban whiff-whaff from the dining room tables of stately homes up and down the British Isles.

Amusing though all of these wild and colourful assertions and satirical analogies are underneath there lies a far deeper truth behind the Brexit campaign: the need to protect a neo-liberal, free-market, laissez-fair agenda. Brexit is the pet-project of a small, niche though influential libertarian-minded group within the Conservative Party that see any socially responsible regulations emanating from our continental neighbours as a break on their lust for a laissez-fair economy where the vested interests of share-holders trumps social justice, environmental protection or the development of a circular economy.

Johnson, Gove and Rees-Mogg along with Paul Dacre from the Daily Mail and other like-minded tabloids staffed by old London hacks are stooges to the American libertarian right who genuinely believe that monopolies are good for the economy, that GMO’s and fracking are good for share-holders (the environment be damned) and that a private health care insurance is good for hard-working individuals (sickly, needy people are only to blame for their condition and should do the decent thing by turning their faces to the wall.) The tax payer can’t be expected to foot the bill.

The only thing that stands in the way of Rees-Mogg from implementing their far-reaching libertarian agenda in the UK are those pesky continental Europeans. Rees-Mogg, Redwood and Johnson believe in noblesse oblige and scaling back the welfare state not sustaining it. Compare this to Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Belgian parliaments who are far more in tune with what their electorate desire than Westminster – and what continental votes want aligns pretty much with what British voters want namely efficient state sponsored health-care systems, cleaner environments, clean air regulations, a circular economy and a respect for human rights. The only reason why the British electorate has any of these is largely down to the EU and the demands of continental voters and their representatives in the European Parliament.

Brexit has nothing to do with saving British traditions from an autocratic EU. Mowbray pork pies, pale ales and yes, even whiff-whaff, are far better protected if Britain remains in the EU than if it were to leave. Complete Parliamentary Sovereignty from the EU will have the chilling effect of granting the niche, right-wing group in Parliament the right to set in motion a libertarian agenda that includes, fracking, GMO’s, the dismantling of the NHS and a trade agreement with the US that is game, set and match for corporate America but not for British voters. Post-brexit and the British voter is at risk of seeing Britain descend into a libertarian governance where vested interests are protected, economic growth is promoted over environmental considerations, zero-hour contracts become the norm whilst the small niche group that have pressed Britain to leave the EU are enriched to the detriment of Britain’s wider economy.

If you value social justice, environmental protection and a well regulated, fair, open market , Mowbray pork pies and whiff whaff – but above all if you love Britain –  then you should vote Remain on 23 June 2016.

2 thoughts on “Brexit: Game, set and match to a libertarian pet project

  1. Sally Ann Wilton

    Also, ‘noblesse oblige’ translates as ‘privilege entails responsibility’ – would be nice if this was their real attitude.

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