• Moving forward: Silver Linings

    Kathleen Garnett For many of us the past few days have been painful. Brexit crushes our hopes and plans and lingers, like a smudge of polluting fume, on the horizon for the foreseeable future. For the first four days post-Brexit, I, like so many in the UK felt angry and bitter with the unholy mess… Continue Reading

  • A plague of locusts on the house of BoJo and Farage

    How can anyone forget the midsummer madness of 2016? As midnight crept into the early hours of 24th of June and Brits at home and across Europe stayed awake to hear the outcome of the referendum a horrendous downpour of biblical proportions bashed the roof.  Branches swayed in the turmoil of a midsummer storm, thunder… Continue Reading

  • A Letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    Your Majesty, If I may, your official biographer Robert Lacey, suggests you have asked guests to give you three good reasons why Great Britain should remain in the EU. These are good questions. Your constitutional role requires that you remain above politics, yet I believe you are not asking any more or any less then… Continue Reading

  • A Letter to the United Kingdom

    Over the past couple of weeks, many of us have been engaged in discussions with EU critics; we’ve avidly read opinion pieces and followed referendum chatter on-line. This letter is an attempt to refute the many lies and misunderstandings peddled by EU critics. Initially, there was an emphasis on facts, but as the referendum draws… Continue Reading

  • Midsummer Madness

    Kathleen Garnett We British have a well deserved reputation for our stoic, phlegmatic approach to life. Whether you are a banker in Surrey or a baker in Grimsby, whether you are a retired Brigadier in Lancashire or a squaddie in the shires, the British simply do not indulge in hysterical romanticism or drama. Such behaviour… Continue Reading

  • Meet Pete: Europe’s new economic migrant

    Kathleen Garnett Not since the highly popular ITV series from the early 1980’s, “Aufwiedersehen Pet”, have low skilled British workers needed to go in search of jobs across Europe. Could all of that be about to change on 23 June 2016? Could it be that as Britain takes back control of her borders and withdraws her… Continue Reading