To sum up

That the EU can be bureaucratic is beyond dispute. How can it be anything other? The EU is tasked to create the rules that represent the needs of 27 very different countries.

Aware of these criticisms it has enacted a number of measures to simplify legislation and to stream-line its operations. EU law, speaking as one with some experience in this matter, is frequently (though there are of course exceptions) drafted more elegantly and comprehensively than many a UK statute.

Given that the EU is pledged to respect the rule of law, human rights and the unique identity of the 27 member-states it can hardly be compared to a behemoth intent on crushing national identity or evolving into some kind of sinister super-state run by an elite few.

Being a member of the club grants rights to influence the shape and direction in which the club is heading. Cancelling the subscription will result in being subjected to the very same rules without any say in which direction the club should be heading.

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